Top globe known spirits in Greece made with modern technology

Below is the top Greek spirit choice that you must definitely taste when you go to Greece.

Ouzo: the king of Greek spirits

Ouzo is the spirit that has constantly been special to Greeks. The white color of the anise, its distinct fragrance and strong taste make it internationally identifiable as well as very closely connected to Greece

Ouzo is typically mixed with water, becoming cloudy white, as well as offered with ice in a tiny glass. Ouzo can also be drunk right from a shot glass. Offered with a little plate of a range of appetizers called mezes, usually little fresh fish, fries, olives and feta cheese, ouzo has a smooth yet clearly sweetened preference that can bring light-headedness in just a couple of shots.

Tsipouro: the picture of Greece.

Tsipouro is an authentic Greek product closely intertwined with the Greek way of life, friendliness as well as amusement. It is created by the distillation of grape marc. The manufacturing procedure starts with the option of the grape varieties as well as consequently requires the comprehensive fermentation of the grape marc, particularly the pomace (the skins staying after pushing the grapes to obtain the grape must, important for the manufacturing of red wine) and also the slow and progressive purification of the fermented grape marc.

Relying on the moment of year, tsipouro is used either as drink or as a warm beverage, and also depending upon the moment of day, it replaces for numerous the alcohol consumption of coffee or white wine. It is normally offered in shot glasses, with ice, usually with delicious meze consisting of feta, ham, olives, tomatoes, halva or other desserts in restaurants.
Particularly after the monetary situation struck Greece, it has actually been commonly popular as it is low-cost and also the optimal beverage for a relaxed evening out with close friends.

Masticha of Chios

Mastic, extensively recognized because ancient times for its useful and also therapeutic residential or commercial properties, is an aromatic material offered to us by the mastic tree, a shrub growing exclusively in Southern Chios. The liqueur referred to as Masticha of Chios is generated on the island and is the end result of the purification of real mastic, a procedure that identifies it from an ordinary mastic liqueur. It is generally and also specifically created in Greece, on the island of Chios specifically. This typical Greek liqueur shows huge possibility in the international market, particularly after its exclusive manufacturing in Greece was secured by EU regulations.

Raki/Tsikoudia: The Cretan Spirit

Raki, also referred to as tsikoudia, is an alcoholic, grape-based beverage of Cretan beginning which contains 40– 65% alcohol by volume. As a vacationer concerning Crete there is a 100% opportunity that more faster than later on you will get provided a minimum of 1 glass of tsikoudia. For brand-new site visitors this takes place normally after your first supper in a dining establishment or taverna. The procedure of raki’s distilling is like an annual carnival. Cretans wait patiently for this period to find, they are collecting to unique places with pots, where the distillation takes place and throughout the process they celebrate, with great deals of food, beverage, song as well as dance. The perfect duration to make raki is late October and also very early November.

Throughout the Turkish profession of Crete the name raki was provided to the regional tsikoudia, given that there were some resemblances. Now both names are used in Crete similarly. The Turkish raki has a history returning 300 years. Yet it all started a lot longer ago: popular coppersmiths from Armenia and also the Pont, who made nice enhanced distilling vessels, verified the deep expertise of purification in all the Oriental realm.

Red wine

Wine is the most old Greek alcohol and Greece is the very first wine-producing territory in Europe. According to Greek folklore red wine started in Greece when Dionysus, the half-man half-god boy of Zeus, lived in the mountains as well as learned the red wine making process. Dionysus brought the art of a glass of wine making to people when he showed Icarus, the king of Athens, exactly how to make wine. In old times, as sell a glass of wine ended up being considerable, it was delivered from end to end of the Mediterranean; Greek wine had specifically high stature in Italy under the Roman Empire. Greece has a number of wine grapes unique to Greece which are seldom if ever before used outside of the country. Most of these distinct grapes are white grapes, like Assyrtiko and Vidiano, but there are also red grapes like Kotsifali and also Mandilaria.


Retsina is a red wine product additionally distinct to Greece. The base of this Greek alcohol is gewurztraminer or rosé, but it has an extra taste of want material. This is an odd mix that can be repulsive for those not utilized to the taste profile, but the Greeks have actually been consuming alcohol retsina for hundreds of years. Its unique flavor is claimed to have actually originated from the method of sealing wine vessels, specifically amphorae, with Aleppo Pine resin in old times. Before the invention of impenetrable glass containers, oxygen caused numerous glass of wines to spoil within the year. Pine material assisted keep air out, while at the same time infusing the white wine with resin aroma.

Now we would love to make some specific recommentations for raki, rakomelo as well as metaxa.

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